All photography provided by TeamRGA

What makes us team RGA? 

Ridgecrest Gymnastics Academy (RGA) offers a state-of-the-art training facility with safe and well-maintained equipment. 

RGA has offered Ridgecrest area high quality gymnastics training for both girls and boys, beginner to team competition. Providing a safe, fun, and challenging environment.  RGA strives to help improve strength, flexibility, and self confidence in all it's gymnasts. 

RGA offers a fun, safe and healthy gymnastics experience by providing the highest quality instruction and encouraging physical fitness in every child who attends our classes.  We want your child’s favorite day of the week to be at RGA.  


Our Mission

RGA is committed to providing a positive, sincere and enthusiastic staff. RGA’s staff will inspire self confidence, the love of the sport and the vision of a fulfilling future for every student.  Our programs will teach both physical and mental skills at home and throughout their lives.  RGA will  honor the uniqueness of each student while encouraging teamwork, dedication, and good sportsmanship. RGA will be a wholesome environment in which students can grow emotionally, make friends, and while experiencing great recreation/team activities and inspiring role models.

“Hard days are the best because that’s when Champions are made”
— Gabby Douglas