Recreational Gymnastics

Levels 1-3 Boys and Girls

Our recreational gymnastics program has 3 levels for males and females, starting at age 5. Level 1 begins with the basic skills on each major apparatus (vault, bars, beam, floor, rings, and pommel horse). Every 3 months our recreational gymnasts are tested on their skills and are advanced when ready for the next level. Levels 1 & 2 are 60 min classes held once a week, while Level 3 is a 90 min class held twice a week.


Become a RGA-Ninja! This class is geared toward the flipper in you. Kids ages 5-13 yrs. learn free-running skills, balance on our beams and bars, and flips across the trampolines. Ninjas use traditional gymnastics equipment (vault, bars, beam and floor) to hone in their skills. RGA-Ninja classes are 60 mins each and are held once a week.

Tumbling and Trampoline

Tumbling and Trampoline is a class all about learning how to flip. T&T gymnasts use the floor, tumble track and mini-tramp to practice round offs, handsprings, and tucks. This program is 60 mins and held once a week.