Welcome to our Mommy & Me! class held in our preschool gym. Walk through our toddler sized gymnastics courses with your little one as they build their motor skills jumping, walking across balance beams, and rolling down the cheese! Classes and courses are set for children ages 18 months to 3 years. This is a 45 min class held once a week.


Watch your toddler explore our preschool gym on their own. In our Spinners class, gymnasts ages 3-4 years are lead through obstacle courses that will further advance motor skills. Classes and courses include the opportunity to learn basic gymnastics shapes (tuck, straddle, pike), cartwheels, backward rolls, and even handstands. This is a 45 min class held once a week.


Our preschool gymnastics program includes four levels; this Twisters program is geared towards 4-5 year old gymnasts that are trying the sport for the first time. In the Twisters program, gymnasts learn the basic of gymnastics through our preschool gym courses including rolls, handstands, pullovers, and balance beam. This is a 45 min class held once a week.


Flippers is our advanced preschool class for 4-5 year old female gymnasts. This program is geared towards teaching gymnasts the basics of competition. Flippers is the first step towards being on the Hot Shots Team and requires evaluation by a coach prior to enrollment. This is a 60 min class held once a week.