Meet Our Coaches & Staff

RGA’s staff will inspire self confidence, the love of the sport and the vision of a fulfilling future for every student.


Siera Lutz, Team RGA Head Coach

Coaching Experience:  9+ years 

Background: Beginning her gymnastics career at age 9, Siera competed until she was 15 at level 9.  After her gymnastics career, Siera started her coaching career with preschool gym and worked her way up to team head coach.

Programs Coached: All levels for both boys & girls competitive teams. Recreation levels 1 & 3, and tumbling class. 

Hobbies: Reading, drawing, painting, outdoor activities.

Favorite Skill: Full on floor.

Certifications: USAG Safety Certification, Women's UIOO, CPR, First Aid.

Kyana Oreste.JPG

Kyana Oreste, Front Desk Manager & Hot Shots Coach

Coaching Experience: 1.5+ years

Background: Kyana is a dancer for more than ten years in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap, Hip-Hop, and Lyrical styles. She also holds a black belt in Taekwondo. 

Programs Coached: Pre-gym, Hot Shots Team, Bronze and Silver competitive gymnastics teams. 

Hobbies: Gymnastics.

Favorite Skill: Handstands.

Certifications: USAG Coaching. 

Annie Orozco.JPG

Annie Orozco

Coaching Experience: Coming Soon!

Background: Coming Soon!

Programs Coached: Coming Soon!

Hobbies: Coming Soon!

Favorite Skill: Coming Soon!

Certifications: Coming Soon!

Bill Alexander.JPG

Bill Alexander

Coaching Experience: <1 year

Background: Bill's gymnastics career began at age seven with state qualifications shortly thereafter. He continued his career until age 15 and now enjoys other competitive activities.  

Programs Coached: Level 1 - 3 recreational.

Hobbies: School, Burros football. 

Favorite Skill: Giants on the high bar. 



Grace Wooding

Coaching Experience: <1 year

Background: Competitive high school gymnastics for Leland High School. 

Programs Coached: 

Hobbies: Figure Skating. 

Favorite Skill: Floor.

Certifications: High School Judge, CPR, First Aid.

Julie Primo.JPG

Julie Primo

Coaching Experience: <1 year

Background: Cheerleader and tumbler at RGA. 

Programs Coached: four-year-old & five-year-old Pre-gym, Level 1 - 2, Adult Gym, RGA-Kour

Hobbies: Horseback riding.

Favorite Skill: Roundoff back handspring tuck. 

Certifications: CPR, First Aid.


Kelli Sarrett

Coaching Experience: 1+ years

Background: Employee at RGA for more than one year and avid gymnastics enthusiast.  

Programs Coached: RGA front desk attendant. 

Hobbies: Watching wrestling, baseball, football, basketball, and gymnastics. 

Favorite Quote:  "We cannot direct the wind but we can adjust the sails." ~unknown. 


Kyra Oreste.JPG

Kyra Oreste

Coaching Experience: 20+ years

Background: Beginning her gymnastics career at age six, Kyra started competing at age eight and continued until she was 17. She is a former Nationals Class I and high school competitor.

Programs Coached: All team competitive levels.

Hobbies: Family.

Favorite Skill: Beam routines.